Can I make a "panic button" macro?

I’m not well versed in macros, I’ve done a bit of googling but couldn’t really find what I’m looking for, so I hope there are some experts here that can help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make a “panic button” typo of macro for a resto shaman? I would imagine it sometihng like this.

  • if Astral Shift is not on cooldown, cast it
  • if Astral Shift is on cooldown, drink a health potion
  • if Astral Shift and health potion are on cooldown, consume healthstone (if available)
  • if all of the above are on cooldown, use trinket X on self

Is this possible?

in the past i seen a few panic button macros. so i think it should be possible. i dont know how to make macros, so hopefully one of our amazing creators can figure it out.

yes. I dont know about the “if on cool down” part tho. arena is so damn fast and bursty now I just pop everything.