Can I make a "panic button" macro?

I’m not well versed in macros, I’ve done a bit of googling but couldn’t really find what I’m looking for, so I hope there are some experts here that can help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make a “panic button” typo of macro for a resto shaman? I would imagine it sometihng like this.

  • if Astral Shift is not on cooldown, cast it
  • if Astral Shift is on cooldown, drink a health potion
  • if Astral Shift and health potion are on cooldown, consume healthstone (if available)
  • if all of the above are on cooldown, use trinket X on self

Is this possible?

in the past i seen a few panic button macros. so i think it should be possible. i dont know how to make macros, so hopefully one of our amazing creators can figure it out.

yes. I dont know about the “if on cool down” part tho. arena is so damn fast and bursty now I just pop everything.

You can’t with a macro because macro conditionals can only check units, gear sets, combat states and modifier keys pressed. They can’t check for cooldowns. You can use software programs for that, but those are against Terms of Service and will get you banned. The closest you’re gonna get with a macro is using a cast sequence macro with a timer reset, but that would hang unless everything shared a similar cooldown duration.