can no longer use any of the ability


good day, if i play a few minutes with GSE games then at some point the point comes where the character doesn’t use any abilities anymore even with manual clicking the character doesn’t trigger any abilities anymore, a relog solves the problem and it reappears a short time later.
hope someone has some advice because this is really annoying.
play a DK Unholy

Alot of the Macros in here have the “Heart of Essence” spell in them. so you need to go into the macro and delete the whole line that has that wording.

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This is a combination of your UI + Your Characters’s equipment + your talents and traits + the specifics of your macro. Unfortunately it is a situation that you will need to work out yourself as no one can “tell” you whats causing it.

In legion there was a piece of companion equipment that had the same name as a shaman spell and if you put the shaman spell in your macro and had the piece of equipment in your inventory the macro would activate the follower equipment and open the companion menu instead of casting the spell. You are unfortunately looking for a needle like this in the haystack.

Recommend turning off auto clickers and going to a target dummy. Run ‘/gse debug’ then start hitting the dummy slowly - watch and see what the last entry was before it locks up. That will then give you a place to investigate.

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