Can some1 riddly me this

so I have a very simple macro.
/cast Smite

/cast Halo

So Smite works but Halo does not, if I just have Halo, it works fine, both have a 1.3 sec. cast time.

Also, if I put any ring usage in the macro, it has a hard time with casting the rings.

But regardless, it bothers me that Halo will not cast!

So is it a GS problem or the GCD problem, cant blame everything on GCD, something is not right.

I will try my best to answer.

Keypress, means every time you push the button it will try to cast smite. Hence having a GCD spell in there is very bad and will fail everything else as you are tryng to cast smite.

What is the goal here? Is it to cast smite repeatedly and to cast Halo when able?

In this case you have an issue of two spells that are on the GCD. As such you can never cast them at the same time. Its like binding smite to keyboard #1 and Halo to keyboard #2 and pushing both buttons at the same time.

So whats the solution?

The there are 2, and neither really need GSE

You can have a modifier, and choose when to cast halo like this:

/Cast [mod:alt] halo, smite

Or you can go with a cast sequence to cast halo every 4th spell

/castsequence [nochanneling] smite, smite, smite, halo

Hope this helps!

Urzulus, thanks for the reply. Yes, it was the Smite in the Keypress that was messing things up (I did not think that Smite was on a GCD)

So, Keypress does everything in the keypress section and one Spell in Premacro or sequence on the 1st keypress. But even with that, it does them one at a time in order right?

I mean, first it does the spell in keypress and when its done it does the Premacro spell or sequence spell (if no premacro) but does it do them simultaneously? If so, that’s where I was getting hung up on.

I suggest you spend a few minutes with a target dummy and use /gse debug to get a good idea of how GSE does things.