Can someone please make this for me?

Hi guys i really would like a macro which does the following but do not know how to make it -

1 - show the tool-tips of the 3 skills named
2 - cast ‘Bestial Wrath’
3 - cast ‘Dire Beast’
4 - cast ‘Stampede’
5 - start attack
6 - i need them to pop back up (aka show tooltip) when they are off cd for example - (Push once, casts bestial wrath / Push two, casts dire beast / Push 3, Casts stampede, bestial wrath comes off cd due to 2set bonus t17 gear from kill comman proc, and it re shows instead of going back to direbeast which is on cd)

i hope this makes sense, the genral idea is at the start of the fight i spam it and it uses dire beast, bestial wrath, and stampede straight away and then for them to re-show when off cd individually

Hope someone can help