Can you help me with a thing?

helllo everyone, I have a problem, uz i’m from argentinian, I will use this addon GSE with some macros for some reason they stuck or bug… can’t use skills to good, I’m playing with 170ms, any idea to fix it?? im using the macro from Elfyau’s

What version of @Elfyau 's macro are you using? I believe v1.1 was updated about 5 months ago because the rotation was hanging. Can you tell where in the sequence it’s hanging?

@Elfyau was away for a while, but my understanding is that he’s back now and probably will be updating that macro in the near future.

Be sure to check that macro’'s thread - I’m sure he’ll comment there once he updates it.

Im using a lot of gse profiles, Elfyau from my hunter too was updated 10.2 and does work too…