Can you make it so the spell isnt auto renamed?

I want to use apocalypse in a cast sequence, but apparently if you have the artifact weapon “apocalypse” it will think you are wanting to equip it if using castsequence.

Is it possible to for spells to not be renamed so I can add apoc as Apocalypse() in my castsequence? Every time I try it takes away the “()” and thats required to identify it as a spell.

Does something like ~apocalypse()~ work?

You need to put the artifact into Void Storage.

Nothing else will solve that WoW priorities items over abilities.

putting spell() wont do squat - its a myth. it means call the function spell() which returns nil - in effect it becomes cast nil

Thanks, hmm unfortunately it doesn’t let you put artifact weapons in void storage. Gosh this is a real bummer, wonder if anything creative can be done with variables?

No nothing creative can be done with variables as it will still end up as “/cast Apocalypse”

At least put the thing in the bank.

Ahh I just tested adding () to a regular /castsequence macro in the default wow macro ui and it works. Give it a try if your able. Saw someone on the wow forums mention it.

Adding () to the end of a spell name doesn’t do what you think it does - even in WoW’s /macro UI. The first thing Blizzard’s code does is remove the (). How do I know this because I dived very deep into their code to see what it was doing and I call the same functions to interpret the macro line that they do. The difference is GSE shows you what WoW is doing with it.

Adding () to the end of something changes it in programmer speak from a string to a function. A string is like x in maths. It’s a container for a bunch of text like a spell name. A function is a bunch of programming code that is executed and returns a value. Functions are case sensitive so apoc() for example is different to Apoc() and APOC(). In Vanilla you could have functions in macros.

This all changed with TBC. TBC introduced a thing in WoW called the “combat sandbox”. Inside of that are a limited set of functions that can be called in combat. You can call other functions but once you do you move outside of the combat sandbox and can no longer perform actions you go from being able to cast spells to watching spells happen only. These functions are named and defined and if you try to call any function outside of that list that exists can you get an error of “Interface action blocked”.

Underneath the covers the first thing that WoW’s macro stuff does is a pass to remove all function references and convert them to strings. apoc() stops referencing the function apoc() and simply becomes a string containing apoc.

(Note I am using apoc as a shorthand example.)

Oh wow thats very informative, haha I’m actually trying to learn programming myself. Starting with python.