Can you use variables for things other than keypress/keyrelease

@lutechi is it possible to use a variable for something like power>50? I’m thinking about a variable to only cast Slam when Rage is greater than 50 for an Arms warrior example.

Nope, that would get you banned from the game

Yea and no.

You can use variables for things that are evaluatable outside of combat. Eg Am I am Orc then cast x or a Magyar Orc cast y. GSE3.0 Block Specification · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub HOWTO Include a racial and check with a variable if you are of that race You can use a variable to respond to anything within the WoW API however…

You can’t however look at combo points or mana or targets health for two reason. One these are not dynamically evaluated. They are calculated when you exit combat usually or when you zone change. The second is the reason these are not calculated in combat is that as soon as you look at something in combat your macro is then blocked from operating till you leave combat. You won’t get banned. You just can’t act. You can look at target healthy but you then get “Interface action blocked” for any action you attempt from that point on until you leave combat.

You can only get banned for using third party apps external yo the game - read AHK, GHub, Synapse etc.