Cannot edit/import any new macros

Hey guys! I am suddenly unable to make any edits to my existing macros or import any new macros. The interface goes through all the normal steps when editing but after saving the macro is not updating. I don’t get any errors. Also about 80% of the time when I log into WoW, macros don’t work at all and requires reloading UI a few times before it begins working again, any thoughts? Thank you all!

Oh, btw I did try deleting and reinstalling GSE, but same issue. Thanks again for any ideas.

definitely an addon interference on your end. also make sure you are getting updates from verified addon providers like curse or wowup.

Nope. Certainly not new to computers. Already removed all addons and only installed GSE. Reinstalled WoW as well. It has done this before then one day it just worked again. Next you gonna say its my PC?

Nope, just running through basic troubleshooting steps. No need to be rude as this is a case-by-case basis as it generally works for a majority of the users. Can I ask where you are downloading GS:E from?

my apologies, didn’t mean to seem rude, i do appreciate the help. I install it through Curse. Have been using GSE for years. Three days ago, I tried to switch from Vengeance DH to Havok and GS broke. Icons changed to question marks, and stopped working. I know that sounds crazy but that’s all that changed when it broke. I have had times when it stopped keeping edits before but it normally went away after relogging, but this time I cant even import a new macro.

Mind capturing a video or something along those lines so its easier to diagnose? Might just be overlooking something :stuck_out_tongue:

Can try, sure. could try screen share in discord as well

Got it fixed. Thank you

You are describing what happens when you have a broken macro in the database. None of the steps you are describing will fix that - you need to fix the GSE.lua file in the WTF folder and remove the offending macro.

Oh and by using the search button you could have found this info out much earlier. That or Google both would have worked.