Can't create icon

I can’t create an icon on my GSE. It’s a blue book. Say it’s full max 18 but I only have 1 toon and no other icon beside the one I imported. Please help

check your macros you might be full of old ones maybe

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i only have 1 macro. Just 1 macro, not 18

Write /macro

Check your macros, personal macros are limited. Also try to create icon and check chat, if there’s a problem GSE will make you know.

you have 18 personal macros available ! so go
to your macros and delete few of them !

tyee /m and look at all your macros in both tabs.

In GSE you can store an unlimited number of TEMPLATES. These of themselves are not macros. GSE uses these to create macros. In order for you to be able to use the macro that GSE creates it needs to create a stub macro in WoW /macros interface.

In WoW’s macro UI each character can store 18 macros. If this is full, GSE can’t create the stub macro. WoW also allows for 120 shared account slots. You can set GSE to overflow into this shared space if you need more than 18 for a character but while possible this is not recommended.

I only have 1 toon and 1 macro. look at the picture attached

Salute my lagend. I only have 1 toon and 1 macro as per attached picture.

Look at the picture attached. 1 toon and 1 macro only

your not listening to everybody. we are telling you where to go to look at how many macros you do have. GSE is a addon, Blizzard has its own macro window. we see you pic, it doesnt mean anything other than we see you have 1 GSE macro.

Sorry bro. I didn’t know where to look. i’m new to this gse. I only have it in one toon. Can you help me where can i look for this please?

type /m.
this will pop up:
this is where all your macros are at by what the game says you have.

Thank you bro for being patient and kind with noob like me. i will try. God bless you for your kindness

You have one template in GSE but this is different to wows /macro storage. In @Siodar picture he is showing the shared account tab. You need to look at the equivalent tab to the “Darkshivers” tab. On your client this will be your characters name. This tab is limited by WoW to 18 slots.

Thank you Sir Timothy. I will look into it when i get back. God bless your heart.

oh my oh my ! not in gse !