Can't disable trinket use?

Both trinket slots have a yellow check-mark and when I unchecked them and click save it doesn’t save.

I can’t figure out how to solve this issue.

Update to 2.4.09 This was a bug in 2.4.08


Same thing is happening to me. I have the newest version. For me it is happening with ‘Ring 2’ slot. I have completely uninstalled the addon and deleted all settings. Same thing happened when I reinstalled.

If this is happening and it’s ring slot 2 you are uninstalling and reinstalling 2.4.08 not 2.4.09. If you are doing this via Twitch you will need to either manually install (via the curseforge website) or contact Twitch’s support. They have broken something for some people in the lead up to Classic.

Don’t just say you have the lastest version because it’s the latest thing in Twitch’s client - always check.

How to check
On your addons screen in game when you hover over GSE is should have a version of 2409 this equals 2.4.09

Also you can see this in the. .TOC file in addons/GSE/GSE.toc

I know that I have the latest version because I downloaded it directly from the Curse site as Twitch won’t even let me install/uninstall the GSE addon at all. So when I say I have the newest version, rest assured that I checked, multiple times to make sure there wasn’t some kind of update because Twitch wouldn’t let me download the addon after I manually deleted it.Screenshot_2

Assuming that I have the latest version installed, is there something else that can cause Ring 2 to stay checked? Thanks for the Addon work. I Couldn’t play WoW without it!

@Pedia I found your bug - 2.4.10 should hit twitch very soon

I say that as I get a lot of “Im using the latest version” and then finding that its 5 versions prior. In this case with 2.4.09 there were issues with Twitch. I am just making sure.

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You’re awesome man. Thank you so much for the help!

Update: Checked in game with new update and Ring 2 no longer stays checked. Thank you again for the quick work.