Can't drag icons

After I create a macro it says to “drag this icon to your action bar,” however the icon doesn’t drag.

I mouse over it and push and hold the moues button, but the icon doesn’t “pick up” like icons usually do when dragged, so it can’t be placed on any bar.

I do not have any other addons enabled.

I usually use shift and drag when normal drag doesn’t work and that solves it.

That also did not work.

Is the icon a blue book or a ?

It’s a blue book. I am typing more characters to fill the dumb minimum characters requirement.

Click the macro to select it and press the “Create Icon” button.

That’s what I needed, thanks!

I don’t understand why this can’t be automatic, it seems like an unnecessary step…

For the most part it is. In normal cases it just happens - eg you create a macro or import a macro. The issue is that while you can store an unlimited number of macros in GSE, each macro needs a stub macro in /macro to be able to be used. In /macro you can store a maximum of 18 personal macros then 100 account wide macros. When you hit that 18 limit for that character you need to make some choices of whether to start using account macros or removing the stubs for macros you dont need anymore.

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