cant get castsequencer timer to work

cant get the reset timer to work on any of my toons after the last patch and suggestions on how to fix it for example

/castsequence reset=5/target multi-shot will cast multi shot more often then 5 sec
/castsequence reset=15/combat/target moonfire,sunfire,null will cast them but once they are up wont recast them after the 15 sec but if I change targets they work so what is going on with the reset timer

I’m pretty sure reset times have never worked with GS or GSE. Only combat or target.

This has nothing to do with GSE but the way reset= works for all macros.

reset=5 doesnt mean reset in 5 seconds. It means reset IF I DON’T TOUCH THE KEY FOR 5 seconds. Putting these into a GSE macro and then spamming it means it will never evaluate the reset setting.