Can't get macros to auto attack

So im trying to get this GSE working for Havoc Demon Hunter but it just wont
I have a broken hand and my friend told me about this thing
I’m not sure if its suppose to auto cast or if i just need to press the same button all the time.

Do anyone know what could cause this issue? :smiling_face:

You need to press the same button. GSE can’t just use spells. It needs a hardware event (a button push or a click) for each spell it tries to use. This is a Blizzard limitation that every mod or macro has to adhere to however you can do things like binding a button on your toolbar to the mouse wheel and each scroll click counts as a hardware event.

There are people who use things like Razer Synapse or Autohotkey to click a button repeatedly for them but this contains some risk.

Thank you so much. Know it all makes sense.

I will try creating a macro in my logitech g hub software, ofc there will be risk then.

As a guide the thing Blizzard are concerned about is unfair advantage. If you spam the button with a 250ms (0.25 second) pause you’re not doing anything super human and there is no advantage. Its just a case of being wise and paying attention to what you are doing

Great point, i will change it to that and see. Thanks a lot for the help!