Cant get this thing to work

I’ve just come across GSE after years of playing and it looks like it could be pretty fun… however i simply cannot get it to work and though easy on the Utube videos doesnt seem to be work…

For example typing /gs and bringing up the list does indeed activate the spec list of macros

however i cant seem to drag the macro icon to my action bar??

this is the first of my problems… i’m sure many will follow

thanks for you time

happy wowing and such

Once you have imported macros they may be a blue book.
If this is so then click on the macro to highlight it and then click on Create Icon, may need a couple of clicks to turn it into a ?

Once it’s a ? then you can drag it to your action bar

Thank you very much for you time.

This is what i was missing.

Have a great day.

I did this but its still a blue book, never turned to a ?