Cant spam my 1 button any more, can wow prevent this?

if i click with mouse i can spam as much as i want, if i put the macro on another number like 6 i can spam it again… so why does my one button have huge delay now? wow hack my client?

outside of the game i can spam my one button just fine again.

and at the same time this happen i can no longer alt tab from full screen game mode?

Hello G Allan,

Do you happen to use a macro keyboard? If you do make sure there is nothing bound on that key. As last resort I would check WoW keybinds and reset them or the usual backup your WTF/cache folders and delete them to see if that fixes anything. Try without any addons enabled?

Hopefully you can figure it out.

One question I have. OK 2. Do you use AHK and do you play in Full Screen?