/cast Defensive Stance not working?

Hi all,

I have this priority tanking macro for my prot war and the /cast Defensive Stance below is not working. Any ideas? Thx in advance!!

/targetenemy [noharm,nodead]
/cast [nocombat] Battle Stance
/cast Charge
/cast [combat] Bloodrage
/cast Defensive Stance

/castsequence reset=target/combat Defensive Stance, Rend, null
/castsequence reset=combat Demoralizing Shout, Battle Shout, null
/cast Revenge
/cast Shield Block
/cast Sunder Armor
/cast Disarm


Disregard - it was the auto bar stance switch that was messing with it since i have a gse macro in slot 1 for regular battle stance and after switching to battle stance then it was no longer firing the macro. Looks like I need to disable the auto-switch on my bars then :frowning