Cast Problems

I just wondering that the spell cast when keyrelease not when the key pressdown. so is there anyway to set it. or just use the AHK.

Not fully sure what you’re asking, if anything so i will break it up and let you correct me if i picked you up wrong.

Spells by default are cast on key up (keyrelease) and can be changed by typing this into the chat window:

/run SetCVar('ActionButtonUseKeyDown', 0) <<< This does action on key up
/run SetCVar('ActionButtonUseKeyDown', 1) <<< this will allow you to cast on key down instead

Alternatively install the AdvancedUserInterface from Twitch then change the options that way.

Alternativey you could just used AHK to continue to spam the key while the key is held down. Without a key presser program/option you would need to continuously need to press the key

So, For GS-Macros, we need to press down and then release for a spell cast. is that right? or only once spell cast when I press down the button, not cast when I release it.

Correct but it will only advance 1 spell per key press.
So for the macro you would need to press that button multiple times for the macro to keep advancing.

For what you’re asking, you would need two programs. GS addon to contain the macro and some key presser so you can press and hold the key down to cast multiple spells

Without the 2nd option when you press and release the button it will only do 1 cast

Thanks a lot. gotta