Cast spell only when it becomes instant

Using the new features in GSE you can now only cast a spell when it becomes instant.

/cast [nochanneling] Frostbolt
/click pause 1.7
/cast Flurry
/click pause 0.1
/cast [nochanneling] Ice Lance
/click pause ~~GCD~~
/cast Frozen Orb

What this does is pauses after the frostbolt and then casts Flurry. If flurry is instant it just moves on but if it isn’t it waits 1/10th of a second then stops casting and moves on to the next thing.

The pause at the top protects the frostbolt cast from being clipped by the /stopcasting. If the ability was an instant instead you could replace it with /click pause ~~GCD~~


the feature is included within 2.6.28 ?

Has been in GSE since 2.5.01. Was available for half of BFA.

Sorry for my stupidness, I’ve tried as you’ve suggested, it end up in doing nothing, it seems hangs.

Did you set up the in game MS in GSE options to match your key click rate?

For this to work it needs to know what speed you are clicking the macro so it knows how many clicks = the seconds listed. (At 100ms, 17 clicks equal the 1.7 seconds after frost bolt is started to be cast etc)

If anyone would like to try a similar one, I included this feature behavior in my Mage macro while streaming and Timothy helped me out, thanks Tim :wink:

It’s under Version 2 and I call it experimental. Might have to tweak the speed under Frostbolt depending on your haste.

It only works if you set the click rate like Timothy mentioned.

@TimothyLuke no i didnt set it. I’ll try Lutechi’s version and let you know guys, thanks a lot. Appreciate your help.

Mate for either version to work you will need to set this value and make sure Use External Timing is checked. Without that GSE has no way to tell time.

Sure, understood that now, but it is still not running. Rotation starts, but it is not casting, in some cases it start cast Flurry and stops it. than it goes back to FB, icon only rotating but no cast, after a while 1 FB comes …

It’s cancelling Flurry if it’s not instant. This is the whole point

how would this work with Demonbolt for Demo warlocks? If i want to macro it into my rotation would i just replace Flurry in the above macro with Demonbolt and obviously the other spells as well? should the click pause after shadowbolt just be whatever my GCD is? Also a question about the Frozen Orb after the /click pause GCD, why is it after? does GSE need click pauses when pairing instant casts like ice lance and frozen orb?

The pause before Flurry and the GCD pause after are to ensure that the ability before and after the instant do not get clipped by the stopcasting. If you don’t watch this and protect especially before the macro will cycle straight to stopcasting and stop wherever it is.

The 0.1 pause basically means that if I’m casting this is enough time to detect that I’m not an instant and the next spell directly after the /stopcasting acts as the else

psedocode it would look like this

Do beginning of macro
/cast abilitybeforeinstant
/click pause timetoensurepreviousfinishes
/cast instant spell
/click pause 0.1
/cast elsespell
/click pause gcd
…Do rest of macro