Casts and /castsequence in Gnome Sequencer (question)

Sorry if this is explained/asked somewhere else…

When I have something like (it’s an example only)

/castsequence reset=combat/15 Unleash Elements, Flame Shock, Frost Shock, Frost Shock, Frost Shock
/castsequence reset=target/6 Flame Shock
/cast SPELL_A
/cast SPELL_B

What happens to the stuff in the castsequence if I hammer the macro button like crazy not taking care of the global cooldown? (assuming I’m slow and hit the button 3 times in 1.5sec)

Is it…

  • Unleash Elements
  • can’t do Flame Shock because GCD, hopping to line 2
  • can’t do Flame Shock because GCD, hopping to line 3
  • cast SPELL_A, hopping to line 4
  • can’t do SPELL_B because GCD, hopping to line 1

so will it skip all the stuff that I hit the button when it’s on GCD?

Does it remember the position in the /castsequence in line 1 for the next time it starts over after line 4 is done or skipped?

The way to test which way it occurs is to try a simple experiment:

Instead of repeatedly mashing the button, press it 2x during your GCD you will be able to see its behavior then.

Why do I not answer your directly? Because it is possible to change the behavior of Gnome Sequencer by adding step functions and doing the above process will let you see exactly how the changes affect things.