Castsequence conditions question

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to get a condition in a castsequence. As example:

cast A, A (when B procs cast B, after B cast C, C, C, C and back to A

I’ve found but it seems it not include what I’m looking for

thanks everyone for any hint

Because what you are describing is not possible in WoW’s macro system with castsequence.

You will need to work out a different way of achieving what you are trying to do.

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:frowning: thought like that, I’m not very familiar with wow macros, I’ve tried to google example, many are outdated, to do it in that way pressing a mod and

/cast A
/castsequence [modifier:alt] B, C, C

the problem is now, pressing alt it works, but I’m not 100% certain if it is executed completely, so in some cases B isn’t a instant which ends up in casting, a huge DPS loss. Is there any way to exec the exception with the mod just for 1time? As tested it not works properly, pressing alt and instant release it, GSE cast not always B and almost never C, C, if I keep it pressed for 3-5se. it casts B, C, C but GSE forget in some cases C (maybe 80ms are too fast for it ?) Thank for helping…