Castsequence, Instant cast spells and stopcasting


I am trying to setup modifiers for instant cast spells, i want to have a stopcast mod and a castsequence but cant get the cast sequence to work with stopcasting, it doesnt go through the list of spells.

/stopcasting [mod:shift]
/castsequence [mod:shift,@cursor] reset=combat Earth Shock, Earthquake

It casts earth shock, but does not advance to the next spell, earthquake, without the /stopcasting it works perfectly fine. Just trying to not overcap on maelstrom and want more control when i cast these. Is there anyway to set this up? Ive tried /click and made seperate macro in gse but still have the same issue.


It’s the same in just a standard wow macro too, it’s not specific to GSE. I tried adding one to my druid dots macro so I could interrupt casting for killing explosive orbs but it seems to randomly pick items (Moonfire, Sunfire) in the castsequence with it in.

at work but I think this should work

/cast [mod:shift,@cursor] Earthquake; Earth Shock

it will cast Earth Shock as normal, but will cast Earthquake at cursor when you hold Shift down


Was looking to put es and eq in a cast sequence for the legendary, so i can always fire them off without having accidental earth shock casts when i have the buff, i wanted to stop casting my current spell to cast whatever is in the sequence. It does stop my current casting, and casts earth shock, but it never moves on to the next sequence spell earthquake… so if im cast lightning bolt or chain lightning and i have 60 maelstrom, i hold shift, it stops my cast and casts earth shock, it does not advance further into the sequence and only stays on earth shock. It works without the /stopcasting [mod:shift]


/cast [mod:shift] Earth Shock; [mod:ctrl,@cursor] Earthquake

So Earth Shock is only cast on Mod shift and earthquake mod ctrl

Castsquence are broke, and are more random. This should cancel casting as it does not have [nochanneling] conditional