Castsequence sharing the same sequence (?)

Hello guys! So, I have a problem with GSE, and maybe the problem is not with GSE at all. I hope I can make you understand.

I have two “/castsequence”, like:

/castsequence a,b
/castsequence a,c

The macro is sharing the castsequences, I mean, the macro casts skill a -> b -> c, without casting skill a and then skill c, in this order! Is this how wow works or is there a solution or a workaround for this to work?

Thanks in advance!

If can do that depending on the state of A the first time you get there. I would suggest as a start reading

You can also run /gse debug and step through your macro. This is now able to debug castsequence and tell you which part of the sequence was attempted at which point.

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Yeah I tried debugging, I’m pressing manually so the lines dont get messy, I have only two castsequences in my macro

/castsequence a,b
/castsequence a,c

and the debug isnt showing which spell is being executed, all castsequences debug information are showing “Not able to cast” in red (but IT IS casting the spell), although its all green when I use only /cast.

What version of GSE are you using?

I’m using version 2.6.26

Ignore the not able to cast but look further along the line you should see it describe which part of the castsequence it is trying to cast.

In the screenshot

You will see the “from castsequence spellx (item x)”

This is telling you what was actually tried by Blizzard

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Edit: I understood the debug. But I figured out my problem is a wow thing, it IS sharing the castsequences progress, like if u have 3 castsequences:

/castsequences a,b,c
/castsequences a,d,e
/castsequences a,f,g

When casting skill a, the 3 castsequences jump to the next skill, I dont know why but thats how it is working for me now.

If that’s happening I would strongly suggest slowing down your macro as the only thing I can think of is WoW is treating the three clicks as one. I can’t replicate this behaviour.

Thats a good point! My macros are all made using 100ms, so I’ll try to go higher and come back here for the feedback. I just remembered thats theres a thing called SpellQueue in wow, default is 400ms, I’ll try to mess with this too, thanks for the help @TimothyLuke

Now i have some good (or bad?) news. It is indeed the press/release ms. I changed the spellqueue to 0, 100, 200, 300 and the default 400 and nothing changed. I changed my press/release ms to 500, and changed inside GSE too and… surprise, the castsequences changed the way they work, lol. I’ll try to find a sweet spot between 100 and 500ms. I’m from South America, my ping is 145~155ms, maybe thats why this is happening! Thank you again @TimothyLuke

Spellqueue has been meaningless for about 11 years so changing that won’t do squat.