Certain Dummies I do 1-2k extra dps?

Its always been a thing that if I use certain dummies I will show on details 1-2k extra dps. Last patch Heros Rest was my go to dummy. It had no other dummies too close for aoe stuff in my rotation. Now I come back to Wow retail and Heros Rest is doing it. Any idea?

Hey dude,

Maybe its the type of dummy you’re hitting? Some are raider’s target dummies, some are dungeoneer’s target dummies and some are normal level 60 or below target dummies. The damage you do will depend on the type of dummy you’re hitting. The higher the level the target dummy, the less damage you will do.

Try to stick with the same training dummy when working on macro’s, it’ll help you realise if the changes you’re making are having the desired effect.