Challenge: replicate the best 1 button arms warrior

I recently found this blog post about a very clever and patient warrior who made this one button macro back in 2009.

This is what the macro actually does:
It’ll acquire the nearest enemy and start autoattacking. Good for when stuff dies fast so you can start killing another mob.
It will Charge at your target if it’s within range and not on cooldown.
Bloodrage when at 30 or less rage.
It will rend your target only if YOU do not have your OWN personal copy of the rend debuff up on your target. People that make these macros tend to assume you’re the only warrior/warlock/rogue/etc in the group and will not take into account multiple players of the same class and spec. Also added on an enemy HP check where it will stop rending. This is currently set to 35k in dungeons and 100k in raids.
While the target is above 20% it will…

  1. Execute the instant you have Sudden Death buff up. This is first on priority due to the possibility of chain procs of the buff. Execute is your hardest hitting ability, so it’s good to spam it as many times as possible.
  2. Keep Mortal Strike on cooldown unless you can execute.
  3. Cast Overpower unless you can execute and if MS is on cooldown.
  4. If it can’t do Execute or Mortal Strike or Overpower and your rage is above 15, it will Slam. Slam slows your attack speed by 0.5 seconds so it occurs last in the >20% priority.
  5. Heroic Strike only if your rage is >95. Heroic strike does not generate rage but you will often become ragecapped without it, even with slams. This does not incur a GCD. Will not be cast when enemy HP <20% to maximize rage for Executes later on

While the target is below 20% it will…

  1. Overpower ONLY if the “Taste for Blood” buff is up and not “Sudden Death”. My reasoning is Overpower has an almost 100% crit in raids and only triggers a 1 second GCD, so it’s good damage for the time it needs. Rend will still be cast at <20% HP so OP will still be used.
  2. Else, spam Execute.

Will also cast Heroic Throw if you can’t cast ANYTHING in the preceding, because it’s a free dps ability.
There is also a sort of “AOE mode” that’s activated while holding down your shift key. While holding down shift, it will…

  1. Keep Sweeping Strikes on cooldown. SS does not incur a GCD.
  2. Cleave when rage is >85. Cleaves do not generate rage but will do more damage than your standard abilities, hence a lower rage check. It will not Heroic Strike while you are holding down Shift. Cleave does not incur a GCD.

You will have to keep up your own Battle/Commanding shout because due to varying party/raid compositions, you may have to cast Commanding shout (Specifically when you get improved might/battle shout + kings from other players). Also, I did not include bladestorm because I feel its best used when there are multiple mobs around. It’s just not effective when used against a single target.

I am wondering: is anyone able to replicate this in GSE?