Chi builder for pvp and pve

Hey is there any working macro for chi building? Like tiger Palm. Blackout kick that is not getting stuck ?
I want to keep the mastery bonus up but just have one macro for building the chi. I have tried to make one but it gets stuck at 0 chi and Trying to use blackout kick

Look at mine, it has 16k views, and has been a very good macro for most people. Mine hasn’t had any issues getting stuck.

I’ve been looking at it, but I just want tigerpalm and blackout kick.

You could create something, use mine as a concept or idea, and go from there. The code isn’t hard to learn the only thing you’ll need to figure out is if you want to do a loop or actions.

People should try to make the macros themselves, and then post them here for feedback, that is how I learned it.