Classes that work best with GSE

Which DPS class do folks think works the best with GSE?

I tried a few so far with mixed results. BM Hunter is pretty good but Enhance Shaman and Frost / Fire Mage has too many procs I think to macro well.

I would be interested in what others think.


Prot warrior is basically unkillable, prot paladin is good but not as good as warrior. Ret Paladin is fantastic aswell.

Holy cow you replied fast =) Thanks. I will try them out.

Any other lurkers out there? Don’t be shy, share your opinions.

This is a question that will get every answer. lol everybody has their favorite class and macros.


Yeah that’s true, but after coding for a lot of classes my answer is…

Every class that require any kind of combo point management or special resource are not going to work well. (Shaman, Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Boomkin, Cat, Spriest, Any healer, …) These classes require a lot of modifiers and skills outside the macro. So you will play with a filler macro and launch skills on your own to perform better.

Any class based on priority skills and CDs are the best for GSE. (Warriors, Paladin Retrib&Prot, Hunters,etc…) These classes can be played on 1 button but will perform better with modifiers, multi-shot/ww for aoe buff at hunter/warr, Damage boost CDs…

I hope this post helps OP


I agree, the caster classes are difficult. Like my Demo warlock i have made an opening sequence for the first few seconds then its back to regular keys :disappointed_relieved: . I just havent found a way to master cast only on instant pause block sequence

I reckon Guardian runs really well with my macro!


Yeah that’s why I asked. I was curious as to what other folks like.

i play every class and every one of the macros i get, work. if not right when they come out, they eventually do work. i test about 95% of the macros that show up here and on the Dicord WLM.

Only spec I’ve had trouble with is Sub Rogue. About once a month, a try for about a week and then give up.

Most other specs, it’s just a matter of taking the time to figure things out.

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Hi, Have you for example find any good way to play Fire mage with GSE