Classic Hunter Melee Macro, adapted from OG Raiza the Ravager Vanilla

One of OG , (original Ganker) Raiza the Ravager’s vanilla fall thru macro for melee hunters, adapted for Classic.

Sometimes, especially leveling its easier to just Melee down a foe. When Mongoose Bite and Raptor Strike crit, they do insane damage if you have a good 2h equipped. Including Raptor strikes into your rotation will boost end game dps too, if you can handle the batshit insane timing it takes to do it.

In it’s Original Vanilla form it would Cast wing clip, only when Target wasn’t already slowed, saving mana, Then WHAM, raptor strikes immediately off cooldown, and Mongoose Bite’s when they become available (when you dodge).

The OG macro was something like this

/Cast (if not mokey) Aspect of the Monkey
/castspellbyname (if not clipped) Wing Clip
/castspellbyname Mongoose Bite
/castSpellbyname Raptor Strike

I have not been able to get wing clip to work only once with the macro, ive tried putting it in Premaco, leaving # of repeat blank, setting it at 50, always spams anyway, if someone can fix that please do, i left it in macro version 5 unused. Or swapping to Aspect of the monkey would be nice too. Maybe that feature doesn’t work on classic version?

Here is what it does, it hits with highest version of Raptor strike, and Mongoose Bite off cooldown, set Key spammer to around 150 ms or so, you want the Mongoose bite to go off immediately.

If someone can get the premacro to fire once that would be great.


This macro contains 3macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.14.

  • The Default macro is 1
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence:

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

Main Sequence:

Macro Version 3
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

Main Sequence:

Just add this line to the KeyPress section and use ctrl to cast it.

/cast [mod:alt] Wing Clip

For some reason mod:ctrl only causes my pet to stay I got no idea why??
Aha I just figured it out I had the macro on key 3 and ctrl 3 is pet stay - so it does work with ctrl if you go to your actionbar pet binds and unbind it which I did. So yeah try this macro alt for aspect and ctrl for wing clip


Did the same thing…in retail and classic.

They adjusted spell batching from 50ms to 200ms, now a lot of things are working properly, ill have an updated version with auto wing clip in a few.

Feign Death to Trap worgs great too (now fixed) gse verision on way

You don’t really want to auto wing clip in my opinion. For 2 reasons - auto may spam it hence mana loss plus you only want it on the mob when it has half or less health because that’s the time the mobs run.