Classic WoW: Is it the same? And what about BC?

I remember starting wow near the end of Classic, so my experience was limted. But from what I remember, things were harder, communities were more selective, and the friendships you formed actually meant something.

From my experience in the new Classic WoW, it doesn’t feel the same.

It doesn’t have the grit that it did back when I was just starting my experience, nor did it have that special something. The wonder. The intrigue. The relationships. Nothing feels the same.

I don’t know if I should credit this to society as a whole moving forward and advancing, but I was hoping that Classic would be the same pure version of the game I expected it to be.

Tons of people are more experienced and know the game much better than they did back then, but that still doesn’t change the feeling of “this isn’t right… something is wrong… this isn’t how I remembered it…” and the thought of this spurs my thoughts towards what BC servers will become.

And maybe this is all in my head, but I know it won’t have the experience that it was when it was live. I accept that. But I also know that the game still feels… Un-Classic… or it will feel Un-BC when it finally releases.

How do you feel about Classic and it’s current state?
What do you expect from the BC servers?

It was fun for a little bit for me, with the nostalgia factor etc.

Then it kinda wore off and started to dread and drag the farming, finding groups etc.

To me is not the same in the sense that everyone knows by now what are their BiS items are and most classes can be 1 shotted in PvP because of this.

Just got spoiled with retail, you can group with friends on different servers and can find PUGS for anything.

Whoever goes back to classic, make sure to have friends or make friends to be able to do dungeons/raids faster unless you just want solo stuff which is fine too. Is hard to find people to help you with attunements, old dungeons for your BiS etc. if you are behind, so maybe can buy those too if have the gold?

So if you are planning on playing BC, make sure to go all out when is fresh to benefit and being able to find groups easier, back to farm Best in Slots…etc. It’s not for everyone, but at least there is a bit more to do in BC than just Classic. So the game will get better and those can join us in Retail at some point after BFA lands on those Classic servers lol.