Classic WOW

When I try to get Lazy Macros to work I get Lua errors.
Is there a specific version?

Well there is no such thing as a Lazy Macro mod so the fact that you have one of these that is not working is very impressive.

There is a beta version of GSE that is available on Curse that supports WoW Classic.

Nice…Blizzard just posted this today on there FB page… :slight_smile:

:warning: World of Warcraft: Classic Stress Test :warning:

?: Anyone with an active WoW account in the Americas & Oceania region
?: June 19 at 2:00 p.m. PDT
?️ : Classic download will be available June 18

I wonder if that version on Curse for Classic will have any default macro’s tho. As rotations and such are of course…Changed so much. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts on what classes will work well with GSE in Classic?

i dont see it on curse sorry

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yah i dont see any GSE thats beta for classic…

edit… so its not in twitch but i think i did manage to find it

the only version on twitch is 2.4.08 this version is 2.4.10
not sure why creator couldnt link it…
im logging in to stress test now to see if it worked because it wouldnt let me download it through twitch and instead i had to download and place the files in my classic wow addons folder so fingers crossed.

worked game tells you youre loading old addons ignore it and it works fine… im grateful to the maker for including classic players but still could have linked it.

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For the record - the creator DID link it and has done the work to make the mod work with classic.

Unfortunately Twitch is being a bit weird with both classic and retail. I have multiple support cases open.

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how do we tell it which spell rank to use in classic gse? like for instance which frostbolt or fireball? right now mage kinda sucks for instance with just level ones frostbolt and firebolt

/castsequence reset=target/10 Frostbolt, Fireball
/cast Fire Blast

works… but when you learn rank 2 of frostbolt and fireball it wont cast fireball anymore with that macro and if you try to use

/castsequence reset=target/10 Frostbolt(Rank 2), Fireball(Rank 2)
/cast Fire Blast(Rank 1)

which works all but the /cast fireblast for the classic macro maker but putting same thing into the gse macro maker only the fireblast works none of the castsequence…

currently for warrior and rogue which i dont think have ranks gse is fine but the rank system screws over casters.

However you would specify the spell rank in a normal non GSE macro. GSE doesn’t do anything on its own. It just sends commands to wows macro engine. Whatever the command is you put that in.

/castsequence reset=target/10 Frostbolt(Rank 2), Fireball(Rank 2)
/cast Fire Blast(Rank 1)

Is how you put it in in the in games macro without the second cast line however. But GSE isnt handling the skill ranks

Just try

/castsequence reset=target/10 Frostbolt(Rank 2), Fireball(Rank 2)

Alone bothe in normal wow macro then in gse youll see gse isnt working with ranks.

So raise a ticket on GitHub and I’ll look at it when I next get access to Classic

I posted here so you would look at it… and classic is up till monday.

TLDR: Raise it on GitHub or it won’t happen

What I am writing may sound douchish or harsh. It is not meant like that It is meant in the vein of please help me to help you. Every change to GSE happens because there is an Issue raised on GitHub. This site isn’t a site about GSE bugs or enhancements. It’s about Macros.

You’re asking for a change to GSE’s behaviour it needs to be raised on GitHub or it simply won’t happen. You may say why don’t I just raise it, after all you are looking at this post that has the detail - If I keep doing that - this site gets clogged with “can you change GSE to be xxxxxx” instead of a site about macros.

On top of that, I won’t get to log into Classic till the reservation thing at the earliest by which time I may or may not remember this. This thread could go on about 50 other classic things and it just gets lost in the noise.

You are also assuming that I spend all day watching this site in case someone posts that there may be a problem. Someone posted yesterday about the Build not packaging right - I didn’t see that until 9 hours after the problem hit and then it was only because this was the last page I had in the browser on my phone. Had it been raised on GitHub I would have seen it straight away and then been able to act a lot sooner.

It may also come as a shock that this mod is not my income. I have a job, family and doing a masters in Uni. I actually have things I need to do outside this game to pay for things like food, electricity etc so while I had time aside yesterday for Classic things, I won’t have time again before it closes even though it has been extended till Monday. Had you raised this on GitHub at the time you raised this here, I would have been able to look at it then as I would have known about it and at that time I was in classic doing things. This isn’t my site. I am here as a user just like everyone else.

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For example - This has the discussion, reasoning for the change and a link to the change in the source

This means later on if something else breaks I can look at what changed, for whom and why. I can also get feedback on how the change is working for the people it was made for.

Timothy you right there classic wow is just easy like 2 buttons press dont know why people wants GSE for it

Im not going to use github but i did my part and let you know your classic version dont work. This may sound douchish but idc if you do fix it there were many macro makers before gse there will be many after.

its gonna cast the latest rank i mean thats how its gonna be im fine with it if u wanna be super technical with 3 spells just push the buttons.

Hello people,

I have submitted the spell ranks issue in github.

Please be more helpful next time and raise a ticket on github where the developer can put it on his todo list and makes it easier for him.

I added a bug icon at the top of this site for a direct link to report issues.


its whatever i miss the old toolkit… if it isnt fixed someone will make something else…

The Rank thing with classic is not as straight forward as it initially appears. There is more some implied behaviour things that come into play and how do people expect things to work. The detail is It needs some further direction