Clean install of GSE - Sequence Name TANK is in use. Classic WoW

I created a sequence named TANK. I then got an error in BugSack for a GSE/API/Storage.lua.

I deleted the TANK macro, and the error went away. I then went to create a new TANK macro and it give me the “Sequence Name TANK is in use. Please choose a different name.” message.

So I then closed WoW, deleted all GSE from my Classic WoW install. Reinstalled the addon and started WoW.

I still get the error the name is in use.

What gives? Solution?


You have an object called TANK that is bneing created by either GSE, WOW or another addon. Try using a less generic name. (Big hint: look in /macro)

Hello and thanks for replying.

I checked and don’t have any macros named Tank in /macro be that General or Toon specific.

I did a search within files in my WoW dir and there is not one file that related to GSE or macros with ‘tank’ in it or the name.

It’s just weird.

Did you tried to rename it to see if it works?

Something like TANK_HOTS

It wont be in a file - its in memory when WoW is running. Something is creating an in memory object called ‘TANK’ Another common one was PVP.

Further Information is located at : Check is _G["NAME"] exists when making a new macro. · Issue #352 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

But short hand if you do a /run GSE.Print(_G['TANK']) in-game, something is creating the _G[‘TANK’] object. As it exists GSE won’t try to create a macro object of the same name as if two mods are trying to access and update it anything could happen. _G stands for Global Variables which means that every mod and WoW itself is able to access and change these objects. The things that exist in this space range from the specific to the very generic.

The solution is to use a less generic name.

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Hi Timothy, I just realised you’re the author! Thank you for your addon and work.

Much appreciated.

I did the /run GSE.Print(_G[‘TANK’]) and it just prints Tank in the chat window in white.

I’ll use another name. Thank you.

Yeah something is creating an object that is a string with the value ‘tank’.

Happy to Help.

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