Client crash using any hunter macro

Hey all, since the update any hunter based macro crashes my client back to the login prompt. I am using Mac, any body else with the same issue?

What OS of Mac?
Does it happen ONLY when using a Hunter macro, or ALL macros?
Are you using any programs to key-spam?

Hye Abby,
Latest OS 10.14.4 Mojave, yes its any hunter macro and so far all other classes work fine, I am using keyboard maestro to spam the keys as 100ms.
If I run exactly the same macro and timing but on windows it doesnt crash out, when I say crash out its simply disconnecting me back to the login prompt.
I have tried reinstalling GSE many times and so far without success.

Try running the hunter macros manually (just press the key with your finger) without the use of keyboard maestro.

Does it still disconnect you?

If it is still disconnecting you, can you edit the Hunter macros and save the changes? Or does it block you from making any adjustments?

Some people have said that sometimes it gets fixed by disabling/unchecking the “System > Network > Optimize Network for Speed” option in-game.

If all the options are already disabled on this section then might have to keep troubleshooting.

I don’t have the DC but I am having trouble with the FOCUS command, if I set focus I spend more time jumping in the spot trying to cast something (I am assuming misdirect as that is what I have to focus) rather than doing DPS

Tried the network for speed disable option, still disconnects…
Going to try and the macro spam option

Ok, using the macro manually seems stable, no disconnect so far…ive tried changing the auto key to 100ms but still disconnects so will 1.5

I figured it was something to do with the application used to spam the key. Mac is weird like that.

Try an alternative, like MurGaa. See if that works.