Clockwork Guard

Hello all. The below sequence has been working great lately. This macro does use modifiers for most of the important skills that are needed in raid and m+. Currently I am ilvl 423, neck is lvl 55 with Memory of Lucid Dreams rank 2 for the major and Nullification Dynamo rank 1 for the minor.

My mastery is 33%, haste is 19%, and crit is 22%.These stats are no where near great but I wanted to show this macro can preform without perfect stats.

This macro will start by putting you in Bear form if not already in it, then it will moon fire your target and any new target you select. It will fire off Ironfur at 40 rage or will fire off Maul (depends if the modifier is used or not). It will refresh Moonfire during the main macro with no mods around the 5-10 second mark, without dropping the dot. This will also use Memory during combat to help with rage.

Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Maul, and Frenzied Regeneration are on modifiers.


can someone please put the macro in block?

what speed are you running your macro at

I run this on a Razer Orbweaver at 50 ms

Hey, Clockwork, trying out your macro in Timewalking. Just a heads up, I use the following for Bear Form; I’m not sure if it’s an issue on my end, but your macro wouldn’t put me into Bear:

/use [noform:1] !Bear Form(Shapeshift)

Hey Clockwork, first thank for putting this macro up. Any specific reason why you are using soul of the forest instead of galactic guardian? Im just curious. Thanks again

updated 8/12/19

This has been slightly change to help with m+ and raids
ive had no issues with this going in and out of bear form

talents are 1333211


Anima of Death?What is this skill? I don’t understand English very well.

I need help! Frenzy regen and survival instincts not working when I press shift or ctrl. Also, is it okay to set the macro to continuous fire? Or should I only be pressing the button myself?

Just wanted to know what IS this 13 and 14 used for? you have this in macro:

/use [combat,@player,nochanneling] 13
/use [combat,@player,nochanneling] 14

Just wondering thats all. :slight_smile:

That would be the designated trinket slots on your character tab. They can be turned off and on within the screen of the gse tab that has the skill readouts of everything so those lines can be deleted in the macro

Where you have memory of lucid dreams if put /use Heart Essence in premacro it will fire off what ever you have in your necklace.