Clown Shadow ST

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Applies Vampiric Touch (Shadow Word: Pain) on any new targets so you can tab or left click changing target.
ALT manualy applies VT (SW:Pain). Do this when out of Voidform.
CTRL to Dispel Magic from your target.
Shift Puts PW: Shield on you
I run at 30ms, play around with it and find whats best for you

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.23.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Vampiric Touch, Dispel Magic, Power Word: Shield

Main Sequence: Mind Flay, Mind Blast, Shadowfiend, Void Eruption, Vampiric Touch

Try it out love for some feedback. Tried to explain everything best i could in description. Keep in mind macro cast Shadow Word: Void not Mind Blast.

Thank you @Elfyau and @ShiNo or motivation to work on this.

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So people are asking about Raider IO and Simc. All i will say is open macro it has my name and server. So look me up.

Issue with this macro I am having is i sim in a perfect world 37k. In a 5 minute fight refreshing my own VT(Pain), I push about 27k consistent.

Would love to here good and bad opinions to make this better before i move onto a more AOE version for mythics.

Will check it out soon!! I am pretty busy today so hopefully will get some time over the weekend. Keep up the good work!

Did some tweaking last night in herioc ep raid, want to test changes in a normal tonight. I’ll let you know what I come with. Looking at working on a destro lock set up for raids too so bear with me.

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Ok recommendations for this to help people. If you are going in a group or mythics whatever you need aoe change flat to sear. I recommend just setting up two macros. I’ve set up my naga mouse for two macros and on the fly change as needed. You lose a lot of dps in single raid bosses going with sear but likewise with aoe if that makes sense.

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