Cobra Shot German translation

i get a lttle bit pissed now about v3 of gse. gse 2 works fine for years, and now we have EVERY day a bug in that shit version 3.

First: it is still nit possible to use gse for foreign langiuages.


now you cant use any cobra shot in german clients
if you type in kobraschuss, it saves it as zuverlässiger schuss, what is steady shot.

so now ANY bm macros in german are not able to run.

Why is that so shitty. that is rely annoying.

Ok, Understood, but cobra shot is a baseline spell of the bm hunter, you don´t need a talent or so for that. but steady shot is a baseline hunter spell.

what is strange, it worked for weeks and month, never had that problem before.

what should i doo, to fix that?

So i figured that out:

it is just wrong and need to be fixed.
steady shot is id 56641
cobra shot is 193455

you can type what you want, even if you type /cast 193455, he save that as /cast steady shot

It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. If you /cast Steady Shot a BM hunter it will cast Cobra Shot every time.

You can even do it from the chat box. it has saved Steady Shot’s Id in every GSE macro for the last 3 years. This isn’t new.

Okay. But believe me, i have one hunter, where it ist displayed as Cobra Shot, and one not.

And in all older Macros there was not such an issue, but perhabs that is now new iwith the difference basic hunter and specialzed bm spells. what a crap, and sorry that i didn´t know that. i am getting old.

any news from the translation thing, that enflish macros arenßt translatet ?

Once macros in English are re-saved and the ids are saved not the nMe they will translate also the translator caches names to spell ids so over time this will improve. As per [GSE3] Cache known spells · Issue #795 · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub