Codes Havoc NightFae 33312X1

Update: 3/5/2021 ( ALL IN ONE MACRO)
I created an ALL in One version that will work with both the single target or mutli target builds.

Version 1 - Updated 1/15/2021 (Single Target only)
Changed a few priorities, noticed dps increase from 3.2 to 3.5 on a target dummy


Usage Information

Shift for Meta
Alt for Darkness
Talents - 3331211
Great all-around build especially with Collective Anguish Legendary and NightFae Covenant,
Works well in Raid, M+ and PVP
Here are my logs

The Hunt and Eye Beam will fire like a wildman, be mindful of your positioning at all times.
Keybind on Razer set to “play while assigned key is pressed”
at 30ms / 0.03 s
Server ping 54ms

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Immolation Aura, The Hunt, Glaive Tempest, Eye Beam

KeyPress: Metamorphosis, Darkness

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, The Hunt, Glaive Tempest, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Throw Glaive, Chaos Strike, Felblade

KeyRelease: Immolation Aura, The Hunt

*Old Version 0 - *
This is no longer the current version, (please try the newest version posted above and let me know if it increased your dps.


Best one I’ve used yet.
I saw about a 1k drop in DPS using the AIO macros when I finished the Night Fae covenant campaign and upgraded all the Oakheart armor to max. I have no idea why, just suddenly 1k less damage.
So I went looking for a new GS macro. Thank you for posting this.

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Appreciate the work! Could you make a version with The Hunt and Eye Beam on manual cast instead? Would be nice to get positioning right before firing.

What MS do you run this at @codes I ran it at 30 and replaced nf cov ability with elysian decree works really well I was working with the one in the OP haven’t tried the new version just yet. I ran it in both PvP and some +10s and it felt good.

To continue, just tested the OP macro on 1 target actually did same dps as simulation. Continued to test it on 5 targets and was only around 400dps lower than the sim.

2.6k sim 2.6k dps after 5 mins
7.4k sim 7.1k dps after 5 mins

195 ilvl

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I run at 0.60 but after changing to 30ms I noticed increase in dps

Not yet mate tanking raid runs right now so not in Havoc but honestly I don’t see how it can be better than the first one. I’ll give it a go after raid and post my results bud!

I updated after moving some positioning around noticed my dps increase from 3.2 to 3.5 on target dummy, while my sim is also 3.5

Raid over :slight_smile:

So using version one I got in single target:
Sim: 3021 dps
Actual: 3100 dps
So using version two I got in single target:
Sim: 3021 dps
Actual: 3100

So using version one I got in 5 target:
Sim: 7,984 DPS
Actual: 7200 DPS
So using version two I got in 5 target:
Sim: 7,984 DPS
Actual: 7200 DPS

I got a bunch of upgrades during the raid so my dps has increased since I tested version one in the OP so I have retested them both and these are the results running at 30ms using AHK. I tested these on the single target dummy and the 5 pack inside kyrian area.

Both macros seem to run very close to one another on these dummies haven’t used them in a mythic dungeon yet so can’t comment on that but both are some of the best I’ve used.

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@Alfred u still use the same talents for aoe and st?

I use 3/3/3/3/2/1/1 for all content pretty much

Whats ur current dps sir @Alfred r u parsing good with this?

I don’t raid Havoc so can’t really answer that

Think you could work on the 113111 build macro?

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@codes any idea if you can work on a 113111 version of this m+ orientated?


Made an all in one macro that will work with 113111 or 3311211

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I made a pvp version that has them on manual cast will post it later on

Hey, how do you change your ms? i have razor synapse, but i dont know how i fix a macro

Just wanted to say I am using your macro for a while, just turned 45 and it works like a charm!