Combat Movement Issues With GSE

Here’s an issue I’ve been dealing with over the last week and it is associated with GSE. So, had zero issues until last Saturday and been using this for quit some time. Issue: So, this is not across all characters. So, when I go into combat firing off an imported macro, I found I was having strafing issues using keys a & d. I did quit a few things to figure out where the problem was to include reinstalling the game but in the end using the same addons, the issue persisted. I read somewhere on here about trinkets causing issues. When I disabled the trinket from firing during the macro, issue was gone. It seems this occurs with on use trinkets and not equipped. Not sure if there is a fix for this other than manually firing off.

The fix is to pay attention to what you are equipping and adjusting your macro to suit.

For a on use trinket you need to either /use [@player] 13 or /use [@cursor] 13. (Or 14 for the other trinket.

GSE uses the @cursor by default but if you don’t have your mouse at a castable place it will stop your movement.

This isn’t a bug - it’s how the game works. You are moving - your macro hits the use trinket line, it pops the targeting recticle as your mouse is in the wrong place and your next keystroke (the next bit of movement) cancels the targeting recticle stopping you.

Never had the on use problem before. My DK which is main had on use during this xpac and had zero issues with the two trinket boxes being checked or firing off. No need to get defensive about it.