[Combat] Multiple Modifier Keys Lazy Macro

I did this lazy macro like a month ago for a friend of mine. I thought some people might want to have a more controllable macro of exactly when to do a finishing move and this takes care of that.

How to use it?

Every time you push the macro it will cast Sinister Strike = 1 combo point.
For full combo points, push the macro until you see 4 combo points in the target.
Modifier keys with finishing moves that do damage include a combo point made out of Revealing Strike.
Hold the modifier key and push the macro until combo points are gone in the target, which means it will give you that last combo point and a finishing move.
Rinse and Repeat.
*Some people suggest to do not use Revealing Strike with Slice and Dice, therefore I did not include when casting it.

Feel free to edit the keys how you want them or maybe the spells, have fun and enjoy the lazy macro!

Key Combos:

Shift + Macro - Slice and Dice Only (Not a damage finishing move)
Alt + Macro - Revealing Strike for improved combo point, then Rupture
Ctrl + Macro - Revealing Strike for improved combo point, then Eviscerate

/castsequence [mod:shift]Slice and Dice;[mod:alt]reset=5 Revealing Strike,Rupture;[mod:ctrl]reset=5 Revealing Strike,Eviscerate;Sinister Strike
/castsequence reset=30 Killing Spree,Adrenaline Rush
/use 13
/use 14

Macro Explanation: