Come on someone make enh macro specifically spellhancement

can some make a good macro please-- thank you

Is there no enhancement macros out there for wrath ?

few low leveling ones. but nothing for 70 or above… Been trying to work on one myself, but it is a learning curve

What for?

There are liiteraly 4 spells to cast.

There is no possibillaty to ask maelstorm stacks go to 5 and then cast chain or something.

so you manually need to watch your stacks and fire the spell by yourself at 5.

and it is not recomended to cast every time fire elemental and the wolves.

for the rest 4 spells, here ist a macro:


THAT can be done with a simple Macro as well, what runs much better in my opinnion:

/castsequence reset=combat Flammenschock, Sturmschlag, Lavapeitsche, Erdschock, Sturmschlag

And just use a smple weakaura for the Maelstorm Count:

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What’s sturmshlag?what’s is sturmshlag?

Thank you

Well, i thought it was obv ^^^;-)

Sturmschlag - Stormstrike