Conditional action on cooldown

Hello everyone,
I need help to create a macro with Gnose sequencer enhanced.
As a priest I want 1 button to :

  • If “Mind Blast” is not on CD : cast “Mind Blast”
  • Else : cast “Smite”

is it possible?


Hello Remi,

I do not think is possible.

I think the closest is to put 1 in the sequence block and another one in the keyrelease and see if that works.

Is it not as simple as the following?

Step Function:
Priority List (1 12 123 1234)

/cast [@target,harm,nodead,nochanneling,combat] Mind Blast
/cast [@target,harm,nodead,nochanneling,combat] Smite

Hi sacafun,

That could work also, but infers extra pushes of a button. Which is fine but is not as closer to have a fallback on the same push like if and else. Priority would require more pushes than sequential though.

However, what I suggested theoretically might work but I have not tested. In one push if the sequence block no go then it attempts keyrelease, all in 1 trip.

No you can only try one GCD action per click. If you try the suggestions in the thread one will always block the other. The only way to do this is put two /cast lines and spam the button.

Timothy was right, it does not work correctly my way.

However I was able to make it work by doing a workaround with post macro, I exported here:


Basically is the same as creating 2 lines I think.

It can only work if the spell in keyrelease has no GCD.

This is the correct solution. It’s all that is needed to achieve what you are trying to do.

Thanks all for your contributions.

I tested it and it did not works as expected :frowning:
The solution brought by Sacafun have this behaviour :

  • I must first cast Mind Blast by myself
  • I must push the macro button every ~2seconds, if not, the macro stop working

I assume what I would like to have is not possible. I will continue to cast by the old fashion way!

The mashing is required but it will first cast if able to. You can bind this to your mouses scroll wheel to assist in that process.

WoW unfortunately has the limit of one GCD action per click or macro activation.