Confused with pause blocks in GSE3

I am not new to macros but not an advanced creator either.
The changes from GSE2-GSE3 regarding Keypress and Key Release also play into the confusion.
My macro is the current PALYTANK in the forum. I am trying to add Ashen Hallow into the rotation It fires but it keeps cancelling early as it is designed to be canceled to reserve Cool Down time. I don’t care to cancel it early. I want it to stay active for the entire 45 sec duration.
I have reviewed help topics and Lutechi’s video regarding click pause but the differences between v.2 and v.3 make the older video not too relatable.

This set up will not prevent the cancelling of Ashen Hallow
I even tried “/cast !Ashen Hallow” also will not prevent cancellation of the spell upon 2nd keypress

NOTE: I do not use the logitech mouse or software. all my pauses are real time

Wouldn’t [nochanneling] fix this?

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response. it is not a channeled spell so “nochanneling” would not apply.

If you are not using AHK/GHub/Shnapse etc then a pause block simply won’t work the way it is able to.

GSE has no way to tell time inside combat. Telling time is blocked from GSE just like combo points and mana etc. It can only see the individual clicks. If you are clicking at a consistent speed and GSE is told (External timing value in Options) what the gap between clicks is, then it can count that if you are clicking at 250milliseconds, 4 clicks equal a second. The pause block works in that you tell if you want to pause for 1.5 seconds at 250ms that means wait 6 clicks while at 100ms it means wait 15 clicks. If you are clicking manually this simply won’t work as the maths are out as the clicks are inconsistent.

Btw /click pause won’t work in GSE3 you have to use the actual pause block instead.

is there a video teaching how to do it on the gs3?