I was manually trying something out.
I picked a target told pet to attack, pet starts towards victim, I cast Dash, starts to Dash towards attack then about mid way stops and returns to me. Is this something screwy or is there something else.

any input is greatly appreciated.

I have noticed this too, it’s almost like Dash is canceling the pet auto attack. Just to be on the safe side though, you could put a ticket in or report it as a possible bug.

Try adding this to your Keypress section:


I don’t command the pet to Dash, but rather letting it do it on it’s own.
It may help having these added.

it doesnt happen when i use my macro im guessing because the button is being spammed. we just mean if u manually type in the command or click the the pet attack skill then click on the dash skill your pet seems to lose interest and starts coming back toward you