Constant error messages since this morning's update

I’ve not only had to reset my entire Blizzard UI, but disable every single addon I’m using and checking each one individually as I enable them. I found massive error messages for the /gse use whenever I tap any of my macros I’ve gotten to use with GSE…

Not sure how to get this fixed. Wonder if its related to the recent changes in the game updates or I need a new copy of GSE ???

If anyone can point me to the correct location or action to take for fixing this I would appreciate it.


Same thing, came in to check here!

Well if I look at the reported issues with GSE:

I don’t see anything about this. So I can only assume one thing. It’s obviously not something that anyone wants fixed.

Raise this on GitHub. It will ask you for information so I can reproduce your error and then find a fix for it. Without that I am blind and have nothing to go on except “you have a problem”.

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