Convoke Macro (Talent) Isn't Working in DF outside Shadowlands areas

I need some help in case someone knows what I’m doing wrong

So I have this macro which works fine in Shadowlands with the Legendary Unity or without (Talented)

/cast [combat, nochanneling, mod:ctrl] Convoke the Spirits

and since I know Legendaries only work in Shadowlands I decided not to use any Legendary anymore and only the Talented however even with the Talent learned I can get it to work and always get a message “You can’t use this here”


/cast [combat, nochanneling, mod:ctrl] 391528 (which is the Spell ID)


/cast [combat, nochanneling, mod:ctrl] [known:391528] Convoke the Spirits

Always same message “You can’t use this here”

Casting from the Bar works so it’s something I’m doing wrong

I also tried this

/click [combat, nochanneling, mod:ctrl] BT4Button33 (which is where I drag the Talented Convoke)

Didn’t work

Thanks in advance for any help


With a help of a friend I’ve fixed the macro and should be like this:

/cast [combat, nochanneling, mod:ctrl, known:391528] Convoke the Spirits

covenant abilities and those abilities belonging to shadowlands will only work there, in shadowlaneds, due to the new patch and stuff.

I think you haven’t read everything. I got it working. And Convoke is now a Talent meaning if you use the spell from the Talent it will not be considered Covenant ability. Check the Update for the correct macro.

The talent ability of Convoke is not the same as the covenant spell. It also doesn’t do all the spells that the covenant spell does. The talent version is very weak compared to the covenant version and sadly will not be used in DF it seems. I see some Druids taking it (Resto or Boomy) but not Feral or Guardian.

Oh…I know and you’re right. What I was doing and trying to figure out was how the macro needs to be now