Coordinated Assault

This Macro is based of Diablomademe “1 Button Survival” Macro that is posted in the forums. 1 Button Survival

So the name of the game is keep Coordinated Assault up for as long as possible. 20% damage for both you and your pet for large amount of time is outstanding. With this macro, I have been able to achieve keeping this buff up for 10 minutes straight.
This macro is intended to be used by Survival Hunters that are specced in haste as one of their primary stats.
I use the talent Alpha Predator over Viper’s Venom. So if you are a fan of using Serpent Sting, this will not be the macro for you. This macro will use Serpent Sting 1 time in the opener and at no other time should the skill be used.


Usage Information
Version 1 - PVE
Alpha Predator: 3/1/x/1/x/2/1
Viper’s Venom: 1/1/x/1/x/2/1

Version 2 - PVP

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

  • The Default macro is 1
  • PVP uses version 2
  • Arenas use version 2
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Kill Command

KeyPress: Bite, Serpent Sting, Dash

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Coordinated Assault

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

Post Macro: Kill Command

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

Post Macro:

I Fire this at 50ms

I would also like to note, I dont use alot of pet controls in my macros. I prefer to use them manually.

This is the performance of the macro.

2 minute Sim

10 Minute Sim

2 minute in game results

10 Minute In game results
10 minutes

Keeping up Coordinated Assault (I gave up after 10 minutes)
Coordinated assaut

Using the Viper’s Venom Talent instead of Alpha Predator. Venom sims higher, but not by much. And the end result is a much smoother macro performance.

2 Minute Viper’s Venom Sim

All sims were made with no food, pots, flasks. I use a ferocity pet (Bat), but I do not use bloodlust at any time. The sim was also setup as such.

My Essences are: Breath of the dying, Essence of the Focusing Iris, Vision of Perfection, Memory of Lucid Dream. I am playing around with my current combos, but this is what currently sims highest for me. Do what works for you.

My Azerite traits: 2 Blur of Talons, 2 Primeval Intuition, with as much Heart of Darkness, and Overwhelming power as you can (while my ilvl looks decent, im still far from my optimal gear. )

My baseline stats:
Haste will occasionally rise to a max of 113%

The Coordinated Assault Weak Aura is located here:


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Playing around with different essences. Made a video while I was there. My apologies, I did not know the recorder would pick up the background music. Please disregard ,’/

What I parse during the video.

64 mongoose, 48 Kill command, 16 Wild bombs…I can do that

64 Mongoose

48 Kill Command

16 Wil…damn, so close :frowning:

I’ll check this out tonight i have a beefy surv hunter

Awesome, cant wait to see your results. Thank you and good luck!

Per Request, I made a Viper’s Venom version of the macro. Because we normally do not use Serpent Sting unless Viper’s Venom procs, there is no proper way to add it to the macro without starving our self of focus. I used a simple modifier that will fire Serpent Sting upon being pressed. I highly suggest using the Vision of Perfection essence with this talent, as the lack of focus from not using Alpha Predator (you lose 1 stack of kill command) makes it slightly more difficult to keep Coordinated Assault up in its entirety. I average about 65-80 seconds of uptime without Vision of Perfection. If that is up to your standards, then feel free to use whatever essence you’d like.

I am also including 2 weak auras to track Viper’s Venom procs, so you know when to use Serpent Sting.

Pretty Icon

Pretty Bar

Use one or the other. Or if your a weirdo you can use both at the same time, whatever, I’m not your dad.

Sim of Viper’s Venom Talent

Mongoose Bite, I consider this a win

Kill Command, Nice Nice

Serpent Sting, Ohhh so close

Wildfire bomb, You know what, F U wildfire bomb

Side note
Not sorry about the music in this video. If you don’t like Muse, something is wrong with you.

It was brought to my attention that my parse from the first post may be scuffed due to me using Breathe of the Dying on a dummy that was sitting at 1%, shortening the CD to 15 seconds and inflating my numbers. So here it is again, this time using non-cheesy methods. Visions of Perfection Major.
Sim and Parse are both at 5 minutes in length, no pots, flasks, foods, or bloodlust.
I’ll just post the pictures, no one wants to sit thru 5 minutes of me beating on a dummy.

5 minute Sim

5 Minute Parse
5 minute parse

Coordinated Assault
Coordinated Assault


Kill Command

Also fixed Wildfire Bomb, go me!

I would like to say thank you to Lutechi and Shinoda for reviewing the macro and giving me insight on further developing the macro.

In this post I will be going over the PVP version of the macro.
This is a baseline macro that I have used in both Arenas and Battlegrounds. The goal is to make it as modular as possible to fit your suited play style.
The base of this macro is from the Bloodshot macro hosted by Crypt on these forums. Bloodshot Macro

My Talents are 3/1/x/3/2/2/2

This is my current setup on how I play this macro, I use coordinated assault on a shift modifier (not shown) in section 1 in the picture. Section 4 is used for healing your pet, and reviving your pet should it happen to die. Aspect of the eagle is used manually in my iteration.
The last lines of section 3 are special pet skills. Ferocity (in this case Bat) will use its cleanse ability, and for Cunning (Hyena) It will use Infected bite that will hinder your opponents healing. Certain pets will have different skill names, so change accordingly.
Now for it being modular, you will basically be editing it for your own play style. If you do not want to have Coordinated assault on a modifier and have it fire for you manually, Simply remove it from section 1, and add /cast Coordinated assault to section 2, 3, and 4. This will ensure that it will be cast for you manually every time the skills comes off of cool down.
Aspect of the eagle will be done in the same way. /cast Aspect of the Eagle adding the command line to sections 2, 3 and 4.
If you do not want automatic healing or reviving of your pet, simply remove the line from section 4.
Any modifiers you would like to add to the macro should be done in section 1. Using /cast [mod:shift] (or alt, ctrl) then your skill. Example:
/cast [mod:ctrl] Intimidation

Play around with what works for you. Survival hunters have a plethora of skills that are frustrating for your opponents to deal with. I am also including a PVP guide if you are looking for more information on the class, or just a general guide to follow.

Survival Hunter PVP Guide

Try the harpoon talent out