Could anyone provide some PVP assistance please?

Hi guys,

I’m not the worlds best at this game I have some hand issues that make it very difficult to maintain rotations and the marcros you wonderful people provide allow me to enjoy playing with my nephew so I wanted to say thank you for that first and foremost.

My trouble comes from him wanted me to play pvp with him so he can get some gear as we both have returned to the game after a long absence. I’m finding however that No matter which Macro I use I don’t seem to put out enough pressure vs sustain. We Frosties seem to be very very squishy targets at the moment.

I suspect this may be because I’m playing wrong because I’m finding that no matter what happens in a fight I never seem to have enough runic power to use death-strike when I need it.

Is this simply a matter of removing Frost strike from my macro altogether and using it on a separate button when needed?

Do any of you guys have a basic pvp macro you could share or advice for that matter? I’m honestly not looking to dominate Winning just one out of 10 skirmishes or surviving one out of 5 fights in a bg would be more than enough for me

Thanks for reading all help and advice greatly appreciated.

Hi mates. You can check John Mets macro. Its working awsome for pvp also.

Hey man check out EnmityI it’s fantastic for PVP -