Critical GSE Bug

There was a critical bug in GSE that could have been exploited in unexpected ways. This was fixed in PostMacro firing when no Loop Limit Set · Issue #779 · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub In essence the stepfunction could be overloaded and prevent macros from firing properly. I normally don’t talk too much about bug fixes but how this could break how macros were running was significant.

It may affect some Shadow Priest Macros that wereusing PostMacro in very creative ways. This will be fixed in 2.6.39.

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lol, I discover in a M+ where i was doing 1k dps :frowning:

But seems that the creative way to use post macro was fixing the VT spam that we had as shadow. Or the bug was the reason behind the spam?

anyway thanks for your work.

Question: apart Patreon, I have a free twitch sub, do you have a link to support you?

The bug was a contributor to the spam.

What could happen (and yes I know it never happened to anyone only someone else) is that as there was no sequence line the math would divide by zero and when that threw an error would recover by. randomly pick a line (often the first of the PostMacro) and stay there indefinately.

even with the update vt spam is still there this is a game bug in wow castsequence not gse. I have updated my shadow priest macros with a looplimit of 2 so they work as intended with new gse version.

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I was not aware that was a bug in the game…

thanks for the feedback.