Cross Language Macros

Ok good news - any macro you edit and save in GSE 3.0.23 will now work cross client languages. I took an English macro - changed my client to german, made changes and changed back to English, made changes and back to german and back and it worked.

You will need to edit and save a macro first after updating. From then on any that you export will work.

I am looking at caching the spell names and sharing that with people you are guided and ingroup with. You can get the ID of a spell you know while you know it but once you change spec you cant get the spell id of a spell from the other spec. The same limitation occurs with Client languages. If we cache and share we may be able to overcome this limitation without needing a 5mb addon to translate. Detials as to what I am thinking are at [GSE3] Cache known spells · Issue #795 · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub


GSE stores a new variable: GSESpellCache

This will store spell ID’s of the things you translate and sync this when you party or are in a guild with other GSE Users. When saving a macro, GSE checks for a response from GetSpellInfo first and then if it cant find one checks the cache.

I got this on a slave account after running around in english and german on the paladin on the main account. I was logged on as a druid at the time.

GSESpellCache = {
	["deDE"] = {
		["Zornige Vergeltung"] = 31884,
		["Hammer der Rechtschaffenen"] = 35395,
		["Wort der Herrlichkeit"] = 85673,
		["Kreuzfahrerstoß"] = 35395,
		["Weihe"] = 26573,
		["Heiliges Prisma"] = 114165,
		["Schild des Rächers"] = 31935,
		["Licht des Märtyrers"] = 183998,
		["Segen des Schutzes"] = 1022,
		["Schild der Rechtschaffenen"] = 53600,
		["Richturteil"] = 20271,
		["Hammer des Zorns"] = 24275,
		["Licht der Morgendämmerung"] = 85222,
		["Lichtblitz"] = 19750,
		["Heiliger Schock"] = 20473,
	["enUS"] = {
		["Avenging Wrath"] = 31884,
		["Holy Prism"] = 114165,
		["Judgment"] = 20271,
		["Light of the Martyr"] = 183998,
		["Hammer of Wrath"] = 24275,
		["Holy Shock"] = 20473,
		["Shield of the Righteous"] = 53600,
		["Light of Dawn"] = 85222,
		["Hammer of the Righteous"] = 35395,
		["Consecration"] = 26573,
		["Crusader Strike"] = 35395,
		["Avenger's Shield"] = 31935,
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The beta of this is on Curse only as 3.0.23-6-gaeed65a

Would be good to get tested a bit before release.

Here is the results of my tests (better late than never).

Since I switch the language of my WoW client from time to time, I made a macro with two versions: one for spells in french (tab 1) and another one (tab 2) for spells in english.

After updating to 3.0.24, I noticed that (while using the french WoW client) after clicking on tab “1” then tab “2”, some spells displayed their SpellID instead of their SpellName.

After updating to 3.0.26 (french wow client):

  • When I switched from tab 1 to tab 2, some spells displayed the SpellID,
  • I continued switching back and forth between the two versions, I could see that the SpellID was replaced by the base spell,
  • Then I went on switching to tab 1 then tab 2 again, and the base spell name changed to the current version of the spell.

Still on 3.0.26 (english wow client):

  • On my macro AA1_BUFFS: all spells are in english (on tab 1 and tab 2)

  • On my macro AA2_SLOWDOWNS): tab 1: the first two blocks are in french, the third is in english.

  • On my macro AA3_AOE: all spells are in english (on tab 1 and tab 2)

  • On my macro AA4_TURTLE: tab 1: all spells are in french, tab 2: all spells are in english

  • On my macro AA5_ROTATION: tab 1: all spells are still in french, except one (Explosive Shot), tab 2: all spells are in english.

GSE.lua file:

Did you save the macro in the English version first?

What I mean for this is for the cache to populate you have to save the macro in the source language for it to change to ids in the first place.

I hardly remember (it’s getting late here and I am a bit tired) but I am almost sure I saved the macro in my French WoW client first.