Crowns of the Ancients - A Seraphim build

This is my Seraphim build, a work in progress, it will be updated as I experiment with the talents.
Current ilvl 276, My goal was to make managing cooldowns as simple as possible while triggering important priorities. After you pull and in consecration, once Seraphim pops, hold shift for big pulls or when you want a dps boost.

Press alt for Consecration
Press ctrl for Word of Glory

Mod:shift will cast Divine Toll, Sentinel, Holy Avenger , and they are separated in the macro so when divine toll pops up mid sentinel you can press shift again to use it.

My defense CDs (Divine Shield, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Trinket 1, and Trinket 2) are grouped together , manual, but I program another defense razer button spam to quickly unleash these right next to the main one button on my mouse. This includes trinkets.

The setup is as follows:

1s Button Macro


2nd Button Macro


3rd Button set to Seraphim
4th Button set to Hammer of Wrath

The reason I put Seraphim and Hammer of Wrath on individual keys is to make Seraphim pop before shield of the righteous, after it pops, SotR will be auto used to dump holy power, and when hammer of wrath is up you don’t have to worry about micromanaging it, it will just blast away.

Your mouse macro should spam 1-2-3-4, I run them at 0.025



Going to try this one out this looks rather interesting.

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Updated talents to flow a bit better.
Updated button 2 macro with Holy avenger.
Leaning more towards a leveling build once the new expansion is live. Made it more bursty and a bit higher dps. My goal will be to create a dps version for leveling and then a more tanky one for end game content. Testing how ret aura with seraphim procs effect the flow.

I used this macro before the prepatch came out and it worked fabulously. It was the first macro I ever used and it made WoW so much more fun for me. Now it does not work, and I didn’t change anything. Any fix available?

Thanks for trying it out, glad it worked well for you! I have been playing some different classes since the patch, but after checking on the pally again the macro does seem to work the same. Did you alter any talents? Maybe try deleting the macros and importing again.

After the update today it seemed to have worked itself out and now your macros work. Thanks for the quick reply! I’m loving wow again.

Great! Once lvl 70 im going to add more talents to support seraphim

hi there thx for this its awesome … can i ask why mod not work when i try to add them in the 1rst macro ? @Mazzaroth

Thanks.Not sure why, might be a global cooldown issue or I have found some abilities just are not GSE friendly. Took a bit of experimenting to get this rolling.

I have updated the original post with updated macros.
I removed blinding light, as its more of a situational spell and can be broken in groups.
Moved manual alt cast Consecration to mod macro so it trigers faster and on need.
Changed priority order so Divine Toll casts without delay on mid sentinel.

This sounds great, I had consecration on a seperate key to reload as necessary. Blinding light is great for adventuring, dungeons it can be not always a good choice.