Cryptic Brewmaster - DragonFlight 10.2 Updated 11-22-23

Probably not. I have been busy with work and life. I will check them and try to repost.

Update today. I ran a 20 AA tonight and did 65K DPS and 33K HPS. Worked pretty well.

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I’d like to try your macro but the talents listed will not import, can you please add a talent screenshot.

Hey. I did not find any macro called P_BREW, only one called C_BREW so i took out the entire Keyrelease section and all of the KeyRelease in macro. I manage the Purifying myself so the P_BREW aint needed.
Macro is awesome, gj Cryptic on this macro :muscle: :muscle:

Here are my talents.

Sorry about the mix up. Original post is now corrected with the right 2 macros.

Np man, macro are still awesome :slight_smile:

Just a friendly reminder: this still kicks ass. Thanks cryptic.

Thanks. I finished all my 20s for the season and I have been working on my DH tank. Brew looks good for 10.2 so far.

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hi crypt, just came back from wow and im wondering what your talents to use on this? I cant wait for the DH Vengeance. I have been looking but i cant find anything. Thank you

Here is the build I use or M+

And this is what I use for Raid

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Thank you! btw, when will you post your DH Vengeance? :slight_smile:

Probably a while. I still don’t have the best grasp on the DH play style/rotation yet.

ok bro, ill just wait for you to post it. thank you!

Brew is gonna kick butts 10.2.

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Man, love your macro. I think the way you added purified Brew very elegant and functional.

Any chance you can put together a guide or maybe record your creation of the DH macro? I really would like to get into creating these macros myself. Or can you provide some links on what you read to be able to start creating those?

Either way man, you rock. Thanks for the work you done and thanks for sharing.

I learned by reviewing other great macros. I think if you understand the class and how GSE works then you can start experimenting. There are a lot of factors.

For DH I have used Vengeful Hermits macro. Vengeful Hermit Updated 12/29/22

I am still working to better understand the current DH rotation and play style. Once you have a good grasp then you can use logs in M+ and Raid to understand your macro usage and adjust based on that. I also like using details and the details plugin that shows your actions/spell casts so you can see what is getting activated in the macro cycle.

I do have an IT background so scripting and macros are something I am familiar with.

All that to say is you just have to jump in and start doing. You can look at a lot of good macros from a lot of classes/specs to see how different authors write/sequence and structure them to learn. If I do posted a DH macro I will cross link it here.

Happy Gaming


"I haven’t logged in to my VDH in over a year, so it definitely needs some maintenance. Feel free to modify it and post it under a new thread Cryptic. It’s amusing because I’m currently tinkering with your feral macro. I can hit about 200k DPS on target dummies, but I often find myself stuck at 5 combo points. Its been quite a headache, when CP accumulate sporadically and you have to deal with procing finishers.

The value of dissecting and customizing others’ work can’t be stressed enough. As a self-taught programmer, it’s through endeavors like this that many of us truly learn. For example, let’s take a look at what Crypt does:

To cast Regrowth only while shapeshifted, he uses:

/console autounshift 0
/cast Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

He also employs the /click command to invoke another macro as a function within the main one. Just replace CRYPT_F_IS_FOR_FIGHT_EXTRA with your embeded macro name:


Then, there’s Viktri who uses the following in the main blocks:
/cast [nomod:alt, nochanneling]

Than in Keypress he uses:

/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/cast [mod:alt] Frenzied Regen

This enables him to halt the macro instantly and use Frenzied Regen. Of course, these are just examples of more intricate things you can achieve. I’d recommend starting by taking someone else’s macro and experimenting with the order of abilities. This will help you learn how to use /castsequences and blocks effectively, and how tweaking your macros’ timing (ms) can impact their performance. As you become more proficient, you can add other functionalities like alt and shift modifiers.

I’ll warn you ahead of time however that I often spend 48+ hours a patch in front of target dummies testing macros and modifying them. Its extremely time consuming to begin with and can get extremely frustrating when you encounter an error (say write rake instead of rip in the mod:alt and than wonder why its not casting on alt like it should.)

Also the best habit you can get into is to use version control. Each time you modify a macro rename it something like Feral Hermit 1.0 when you make a change save it as Feral Hermit 1.1 and in the comment section track ability usage and dps. This will save you a ton of time.

Thanks for the detail comment. I am in MSP consulting but follow the same method you noted.

As a side note, Crypt who Hermit mentions with the Feral Druid macro is another macro creator, we just share very similar forums usernames.

I have been working on a modified Hermit macro for VDH but not quite happy with it yet. I might post it so that others can help with feed back. I can run up to about a 17 key with it but not sure if its really performing up to the specs ability.


hey cryptic,

how are you? I have been trying to use the macro still on 10.2, but i feel less damage now, but it is still working, any plans for the update? Thank you! :slight_smile: