Crypts Unholy Hole

Hi, I joined the patreon and dscord. Do you have the talent setup you use for this, what is the difference between version 2/3 and is this a single target and/or aoe build?

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There really isnt alot of differnce between all three of the macro tabs, it was the only way i could find that would work without having to have 3 seperate macros, if you dont PvP and Prefer to use the Macro in Raid/Dungeon, you can delete the last line in the last box at the bottom and remove the cast “Chains of Ice” and also if you dont want to blow your Army of the Dead on trash mobs, Disable the Blocks that have that cast.
I actually have one saved as PvP and one as PvE and then just switch to the Macro when in Dungeon/Raid instances.

Again i am not trying to take over Crypts Post, i was just answering Deadpools question concerning his complaint about the talent changes.

i took a break from playing and tentatively came back BFA & Shadowlands reallly turned me off of Playing, I got burned out by Blizzards treatment of My Beloved Class… add to the Retribution FoTm Really burned my underwear.

The macro is nothing special, i just dinked around till i found a happy balance that let me enjoy myself and move up the ladder in PvP. with the Retribution Pali’s smoking Dks after the talent switch i lost over 1K in ratings, but after our minor buffs i am currently working my way back up the board



No worries, go ahead and use the post, that’s what it is here for.

I’m on a break guys, too much to do at work etc. and kinda just in limbo waiting for Diablo 4.

Anyways the main reason I shared the macros when I came back to DF was to show how macros could be used a little differently and to encourage other macro writers to experiment, to create a baseline for others to carry on and master new macros or variants, all the info is there, take what is considered the Meta from Icy Veins/WoWhead or your favorite streamer, look at what has changed and then adapt the macros.

There are plenty of good macro writers on the forum, each with their own flavour but when we try other macros we take a little bit here and there to improve our own, but there are still many undiscovered macro writers here, just give it a whirl and see what you come up with. The best macro you can ever use is the one your write or adapt yourself.


There’s an error. The macro requires the new GSE but curseforge is showing up to date on everything. Will check back in a few days.

you need the new gse but its only in patreon

oh odd thank you.

I guess ill have to go check it out.
Is it worth it?

Is it worth it throwing a few dollars towards the Creator of this remarkable Addon GSE???
…uhhhh…YES? That shouldn’t even be questioned. lol.

Hi, thanks for the macro, to date it is the best macro for dk UH
with this macro i’m doing M+20
my dk is 416ilvl
crit 18%
haste 22%
mastery 46%
versa 5%
i use primal stone ring with Storm infused stone, Desirous blood stone and prophetic twilight stone
averaging 130.00M DMG overall and 65k dps
this is +19 HOV

i recommend this build for M+


I created 2 versions of ST and AOE macro, just changing the cast from death coil (ST) to epidemic (AOE) using them for the the same build one I recommended
ST 70MS - razer mice
AOE 50MS - razer mice
I hope I was helpful


Can you share your macro please

if your asking about mine, its like two posts up. but Crypts works as well,

my dear friend could you please post your st and aoe macros?

Bro share ur macro pls :'v or post we need it there is no good macro for dk unholy

@edwandergreey @GenociderCrow

There’s no reason to clutter up @Crypt’s thread (unless they don’t mind) when @edayn said the only thing changed was:

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exactly, i just changed the cast: death coil to epidemic.
I didn’t do any macros.

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I’m here to say that this build still absolutely bangs for pvp. 440 pvp ilvl.

DK/Ret/Healer comps using this has easily gotten me to 1600 in S2 so far and the push for 1800 wont be that far off.

I have all cds + abom + UA on the go macro.

Here is my talents:


@Deezyl_Fizzlepop yo man wondering if you could help me for some reason with this it only fires off the extras part and one spell I the main until the cds are back up again never had this problem before with any macros any advise in what to try ? Not the end of the world I can just cast cds on a different button but trying to figure this out cheers

If you run the GSE Debug that’ll tell you line by line in the Rotation of what the macro is doing.

After reading the entire thread nobody has posted this problem so it really can’t be attributed to the original macro.

And for some reason that you didn’t wanna run the Debug Feature you could tear down the macro by inserting each line individually, testing each line individually as your adding them in and watch which Spell/Ability is being used and which isn’t manually.

Or it could be spelling errors. Could be running the macro too fast, etc.

@Deezyl_Fizzlepop cheers mate thank I’ll give them a try and see what I can figure out

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Hey Crypt! are you looking to update this one soon? for 10.2 pvp

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i can assure you it works well, as do most all of the other contributors, pretty much all the macros are working as intended. the differences are dependent on the builds.

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